Matsukasa   wind   bells

                               (Pine cone-shaped wind bells)


  THese bells reportedly originated when the tenth Eda made them, having been asked to make a wind bell by the Lord of the Sendai fief between 1781 and 1789. Pine cone shaped wind bells have worm-eaten figures on the rough surface of cast metal.

The Eda=Kamozaemon Eda.

Kamozaemon Eda is business name.

Making Matsukasa wind bells from sand iron.

Keep it secret pure technique.

Because Matsukasa wind bells (Sand iron wind bells) only one all over the world.

The tones of these wind bells are all different because each of them is handmade, and their distinctive features contribute to producing the peculiar echo-laden tones.

German Dr,swaizher enjoyed listening to Matsukasa wind bells sound.

Now president the twenty-three Kamozaemon Eda (his real name=Kei Eda)

He is Japanese Traditional Art Craft member.